We specialize in providing Income tax services to individuals, small scale and medium scale businesses which are highly effective and efficient.Simply send us document, Make payment and Relax. We will file Income Tax Return and help in getting faster Income Tax Refund. Filing ITR will help you in getting a refund in case you pay more tax than what you are required to pay.





Indian taxation enviornment is ever-changing, which can be challenging for any business. Our Main focus is to identify opportunities for our clients that can help them to manage their affairs in the most tax efficient manner. Our Tax team has particular expertise with taxation issues arising from commercial business transactions. Why to File Income Tax Return?? Every person whose income exceeds the basic exemption limit is required to file his/her income tax return. Even if you have paid your Income tax or the same has been deducted & paid by way of TDS, you are not exempt from filing your Income Tax Return. Filing Income Tax Return shall not be misunderstood as paying Income Tax Liability. Rather it is information submitted to Income Tax Department, about your Income and Tax payment. So it is advisable to file income tax return even if the income is below the basic exemption limit and there is no tax liability. Simply send us Tax is a central element to the revenue generation system of the Indian government. Among the multitude of taxes present in the system, income tax is the one that deals with the taxation of the earning of every individual, firm or organisation in a financial year. The earning or income could be in the form of regular wages, interest, dividends, capital gains or any other profits. Offline and E-filing: Mandatory for whom Online filing has been made compulsory for certain section of the taxpayers. It is compulsory in certain cases such as where: (a) Total income exceeds Rs 5 lakh or any refund is claimed (other than Super Senior Citizen furnishing ITR1 or ITR2), (b) Where accounts are required to be audited under section 44AB